With technological advancements come more threats. As technology is advancing day by day, more software related issues are arising. One of the majors being virus attacks. Viruses, malware, and spyware have become a severe threat. They can infest your computers, laptops, or phones and steal your data and personal information.

Viruses can silently affect your computer and start stealing your personal information, without you realizing it.

You must have proper protection against the viruses. GMIT support helps in keeping your laptop or phones safe from these silent threats.GMIT support Northampton provides you with appropriate knowledge of how and why your computer acts weirdly and slowly.

Virus protection in Northampton is something every computer needs to have a secure personal environment.

Even if you take care, sometimes virus attacks your computer through sneaky emails. GMIT support provides virus removal services too. Viruses can infect your computer, but if you are careful and act on time, GMIT Support Northampton virus removal helps to solve the issue.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

1Dust cleaning and paste replacement£45Clean PC and desktop PC from inside dust. Clean CPU fans. Replace old thermal paste.
2Standard computer diagnostics£35System diagnostics fee.
3Virus scan and antivirus installation£65Virus removal. Malware removal. Install Antivirus for 1 year. Norton SEP.
4Data recovery£60-£195Data recovery from SSD,HDD,mSATA old IDE HDD. Price only if HDD is not physically damaged. If we need to send your HDD to the LAB price will start from £195incl VAT

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