What is VoIP?

For those that don’t know VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it’s been around
for much longer than you would think, Skype is a common example, WhatsApp and anything
that uses the internet to make a phone call uses VoIP services.

what is voipVoIP uses two main types of traffic SIP and RTP, without a reliable broadband connectionyour VoIP service will experience packet loss, packet jitter, packet latency (delay), post-dial delay, and echo.

One of the main differences between our VoIP service and some other ones is that we use a
Cloud PBX which means you can use your VoIP services anywhere you go as some
traditional VoIP services would require you to use the same equipment and location, in our
case you are able to install the software to your smartphone and laptop so long as you have
a working connection to the internet you will be able to make use of the service.


This doesn’t mean you can’t make use of hardware as our system allows many different
types of phones to integrate with our service, but one key thing to understand as our VoIP
service is a dedicated or known as managed service, it does not allow the user to access the
GUI of the phones once configured or share a device with any other providers like a SIP
account would allow.


Why would you want VoIP?


VOIP phone on city background

With all the changes coming to the internet especially with Fibre and 5G being rolled out to

almost every business in the near future this makes copper lines costly and outdated, so
getting your business moved to VoIP sooner than later will end up saving you and your
business time and money and put you ahead of anyone still using a standard copper line.




Software vs Hardware

Software will always be more accessible as it does not require you to be in any specific
location to use, as long as you are signed in you can make and take calls, hardware on the
other hand requires you to make use of a physical device from your home or office and does
require unfiltered stable broadband connection.

Software can be used on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and desktop computer.



Onboarding A personalised one on one 30-minute training session with one of our VoIP specialists. They will hold your hand until you fully understand how to use your service.Upgrading your business communications is simple.We offer easy set-up, on boarding and training with dedicated support so you can get up and running fast
Voicemail This allows your customers to leave you a message and you can also configure it to get an email notification
Music on hold Music played to your customer when placed on hold
Call Recording This is an additional feature charged at £6 per user, whereby you can record all calls and have it stored on the cloud for
up to 90 days
Call transfer This feature allows you to transfer a call to another user
Internal calling This feature allows users to call internally like an intercom,
without being charged extra
Mobile appUC one communicator, allows you to make and receive
calls using our application from your mobile phones using mobile data or Wi-Fi
Business ContinuityThis feature allows for your calls to be diverted if it picks up that your line is engaged, or you have a bad connection
Virtual receptionist Also known as an Auto attendant or an IVR, this feature is like a welcome message played to your customers, and then they are greeted with an option to choose to go through to a certain
extension, for example, welcome to XXXX Please push 1 for
sales, 2 for service etc
After-hours smart
You can change how the calls are routed, for example,
after hours, you could have all calls go through to someone else
Call conferencing 3 Way calling, or for an additional £5 per user, they can add on a feature called my room, whereby they can have a virtual meeting


If you are looking for a VoIP for your business give us a call today to discuss your business needs.

Get unlimited VoIP just for £9+VAT .