Samsung Desktop, 8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz (PC4-21300), CL19, DIMM Memory


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Proven DRAM module solution in the global market.

Samsung’s memory modules are designed for a wide range of applications to deliver the best performance with low power requirements.


Exceptional speed, high reliability, low energy consumption.
High-performing memory empowers faster, powerful solutions. Samsung DDR4 delivers top speed with better bandwidth and reliability using less energy.
Less energy, greater efficiency.
Samsung’s industry-first 1x nm process technology enables DDR4 to consume less power while boosting performance, reducing TCO. The 1.2V low operating voltage and Pseudo Open Drain (POD) interface enables lower power consumption, using 25% less energy.


System reliability is ever more critical as data centers process ever more traffic. 
Advanced features of the Samsung DDR4 ensure superior data transmission, including Write CRC to help recognize multibit failures and parity checks for CMD/ADD to prevent system malfunctions.


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