Approx (APPNBC06W) Laptop Cooler, up to 15.6′, USB, Fan, White, Ergonomic, LED, Retail


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Use your laptop or notebook comfortably. Its light weight and its 1 fan will make this product the ideal companion for your equipment. It has an attractive exclusive design with 2 leds. Really quiet and effective operation. Up to 15.6”
Designed to optimize the cooling of your computer
Exclusive and functional design
Research and development to create a functional, slim, elegant, simple, ergonomic and exclusive design.
Its engineering allows better dissipation, improving the cooling of your notebook thus extending its life.                                                                                                                                                                                        
Ergonomics and elegance
This support allows you to work in two positions, you can incline your cooler to display your laptop in a more comfortable manner. All this while remaining simple and elegant.                                                                  
The appNBC06 cooler is equipped with two USB ports, one of which will serve to make it work, connecting it to your computer. The other one will not override any entry in your notebook and you can use it to connect any USB devices. A great advantage!


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